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Photo of And She Was

And She Was

I have lived a full life, one I’m grateful to have received. I have always been in a caring-compassionate employment area. My first job offer was as a fitter and turner, however I declined this and became a nurse, like both of my parents. I have since completed studies in Natural Therapies, Youth Work and further health service areas.…

Photo of Andrew Yeo – I Am Andrew Yeo

Andrew Yeo – I Am Andrew Yeo

I am Andrew Yeo, The Elemental Alchemist. I help you find your self acceptance through authenticity, bringing all the elements of you together, through intuitive guidance, ritual practices and self mastery through elemental flow.

Photo of Avalon By Nature

Avalon By Nature

Avalon by Nature – a mobile spiritual shop based beside NSW’s Lake Macquarie and servicing regional/rural areas.

Avalon by Nature’s mission is to offer products and guidance that encourages our customers to reach in and draw out their own knowing.

Our product range includes crystals, jewellery, and aromas for the soul, tarot & oracle cards, Crystal and Tarot readings and more.…

Photo of Better Together

Better Together

Photo of Bianca de Reus

Bianca de Reus

I am Bianca de Reus, the Soul Connector. I help people connect with their inner self, so they experience joy, self love and freedom, by bringing clarity through intuitive guidance and animal communication.

Photo of Brigid’s Cloak

Brigid’s Cloak

As an Energy Healer she is trained in various healing modalities using Angelic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Crystal Therapy as her main modalities. Siobhán is your all round Celtic suburban goddess.

Photo of Courtney Wilks Photography

Courtney Wilks Photography

My name is Courtney and I have been photographing the beautiful Australian landscape for almost as long as I can remember!

The High Country in particular owns a part of my soul, so a lot of my portfolio is focused on the high plains, mountains, huts and brumbies, however, wherever I go, my camera comes with me, so there is a bit of a mix!

Photo of Crystal Visions

Crystal Visions

At Crystal Visions Store we specialise in beautiful, high quality, hand picked crystals. We are really passionate about sharing the beauty, healing powers and life-enhancing energy of crystals with others. We are a small, family run business. A husband and wife team, Shae and Carla. We live with our two cheeky boys in Mount Crosby, Australia. We are so grateful to be able to do the work we do.

Photo of Cultured Kimmy

Cultured Kimmy

I’m a fun-loving passionate health coach with a background in scientific research. I’m excited to share my knowledge and help anyone who wants to take that step toward optimal health and wellness.

As mentioned, I have a science background with a Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Aquaculture) from James Cook University in beautiful tropical North Queensland, Townsville, Australia.

Photo of Dark Moon Healing Art

Dark Moon Healing Art

My name is Gaia of the Dark Moon, I wear many hats, I am an artist, a meditation teacher, holistic counselor, art therapist, intuitive and eclectic professional witch who lives, works and studies by the old ways, with a deep reverence for nature.

I was born and raised all over the New England area of the USA. As an eclectic, I weave elements of different practices within my craft. I am an initiate of the Temple of Witchcraft, I work with elements of scientific pantheism, animism, plant magick, traditional witchcraft and hoodoo.

Photo of Duft Creations – Crystals, soy melts, jewellery & housewares

Duft Creations – Crystals, soy melts, jewellery & housewares

Barbara is a healer and tarot reader who has always heard the calling of the crystals. She believes that crystals find their homes no matter where that is. You will always find what you need.

What we offer is unique, original, different and definitely NOT mainstream. We pride ourselves on our high standards of quality and good value for mone.…

Photo of Earth Clan Designs

Earth Clan Designs

EarthClan Designs is a small family living in Rural NSW. Our aim is to make unique and unusual products for all to enjoy. We make music, art and gift products using recycled materials where we can. By living this creative life with our kids we share and discover each others talents. Each member of the clan is represented by a totem animal.…

Photo of Energy Artist Adeline Musters

Energy Artist Adeline Musters

I channel the energy of the universe through my brush to show you how to manifest and harness your own potential.

Photo of flowers.plants.stones.stars


flowers.plants.stones.stars elixirs are sacred earth medicine – plant and stone alchemy.
My love and deep respect of the natural world alchemises into crafting these vibrational elixirs with love and intention. I use my knowledge of plants and stones, ceremony, law of signature and astrological transits to craft each elixir in a safe way to take into the body for specific purposes.…

Photo of Francis Voon – Psychotherapy|Counselling

Francis Voon – Psychotherapy|Counselling

Francis is a psychotherapist based in Sydney who accompanies individuals with relationship issues and on inner-work paths, including relationship, self and family issues, spiritual quests & personal growth, experiences of depression, anxiety, grief, loss and intersectional issues. Since 2012 he has been providing a safe, nonjudgemental, welcoming space to all, especially the LGBTIQA+, alternative arts, caring, healing  and spiritual communities.…

Photo of Gini Eagle

Gini Eagle

Gini is the author of ‘Awaken – A simple guidebook to empowerment’ which includes 22 practices focusing on simple wisdom and supporting evidence for those on the journey to empowerment.

Photo of Goddess of Terra

Goddess of Terra

Hi this is my about me.
My name is Tereza as you can see. I am also Goddess of Terra and Terra Smudge Skicks Handcrafted.

It’s only been the last 15yrs I have been following my spiritual path, prior to that I was lost. Now, my path is one of helping others to heal. So I suppose you could say I am Healer, but I do see myself as a mixed bag.…

Photo of Good Evans Proofreading and Research

Good Evans Proofreading and Research

I’m Cate Ellink, often working with my ‘twin’ Catherine Evans. After contracting Ross River Fever, where I was initially close to bed-ridden and needed a complete change of career, I’ve been on a discovery of life, creativity, spirituality, joy and hope.

Writing and photography had always been quite hidden parts of me, but they have become passions that have developed into something more like offerings since 2005.…

Photo of Healing Steps Wellness Centre

Healing Steps Wellness Centre

I help people heal from painful relationships with their family so they can feel at ease within themselves, know who they are and what they want in life.

– 1:1healing sessions – in person or via Zoom

– ThetaHealing® courses

– Meditation

– Workshops

– Retreats

Photo of Hraani Spirit

Hraani Spirit


Hraani Spirit is a constantly growing and evolving Wellness Boutique. We stock a large range of quality crystals, jewellery, clothing, natural soaps and candles, Himalayan salt lamps, guidance books and oracle cards, unique home décor and more…..
We have amazing Holistic Healing Practitioners available for an array of Mind, Body, Spirit Healing, and Psychic Readers, from near and afar.…

Photo of Intuitive Connections

Intuitive Connections

Lynette has a wonderfully warm and effervescent personality that is both engaging and energizing.

Lynette’s goal is to provide her clients with psychic and intuitive readings that are fun and full of positive loving energy.

With over 20 years of experience, Lynette is excited to help you get in touch with your higher self and guides, to receive their loving guidance and support in whatever form it needs to come.…

Photo of Iter Yoga|Doula

Iter Yoga|Doula

Danae Cappelletto

Creator of “iter”, Traditional Breath Centered Yoga Teacher / Specialized in Pregnancy & Birthing Education.

Life is all about the journey. Having experienced an incredible journey myself, its nice to look back in reflection to come to such a realization. Thus the name “iter”, latin for the journey. “iter” offers Traditional Yoga, Yoga and support for women during Pregnancy and Birth. …

Photo of Jake Golding Psychic/ intuitive healer

Jake Golding Psychic/ intuitive healer

Loving, kind and compassionate Jake strives to help others find the magick within themselves!  He is empathetic and sensitive to the energies around him, and has been studying the Tarot since age twelve!  Through spell craft and his love for the divine feminine , Jake will help you feel more at home with your spiritual self!…

Photo of Jann Morgan Intuitive Counselling

Jann Morgan Intuitive Counselling

Understand your choices..Explore your potentials..Allow yourself to bloom..

“We all sometimes need support and assistance to uncover our own wisdom; encouragement to let go of what is not supporting us; or someone just to listen. It is my honour to assist you to find clarity and empowerment to follow your own, unique path”.  Namaste, jann

Jann offers ONE hour online or phone intuitive counselling sessions.…

Photo of Karen Baldwin – Medium

Karen Baldwin – Medium

Karen Baldwin is a Canberra-based medium who provides guidance through mediumship by connecting to your soul and communicating to your loved ones in spirit. Karen is trained by some of the finest teachers in the world, including Tony Stockwell, Lynne Probert and is a current student of the highly-respected teacher, Paul Jacobs. Her reading style is direct, “no nonsense”, giving you evidence to demonstrate a true connection to the spirit world, she may talk about your past, your present, your possible future as well as communication with your loved ones.…

Photo of Kerrie McGilvray

Kerrie McGilvray

I have been a psychic medium all my life. I have been through the same lessons I am now teaching. As I felt called to renew this course in this time when we need it the most. My intuition has led me here to guide you. I am a natural teacher of intuition, and I believe that the best learning comes with fun and no judgement. So this is what I focus on and specialise in.

Photo of Kim Lindberg – Palmist

Kim Lindberg – Palmist

Connecting through the heart and hand.

Insight into your past, present and future.

Each hand is different and the reading that you get is for you personally as it is what is on YOUR hand I look at. Every reading gives me a possibility to be able to show each person where on their hand, they can see an event in their life that has had an impact in their life.…

Photo of Lake Nillahcootie Farmhouse

Lake Nillahcootie Farmhouse

We are a mixed farming business, overlooking Lake Nillahcootie nestled between the Strathbogie Ranges and Mt Samaria, a natural oasis. Our Wild Blackberry Leaf Tea, is growing in two acres through our seasonal creeks, disturbed only by deer, foxes and rabbits.

The best-known flavonoids are quercetin and kaempferol which blackberry leaves contain. Due to their anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits, blackberry leaves are used to aid in healing sore throats, mouth sores, anti-aging, diarrhea, wounds and hemorrhoids.…

Photo of Living with inner Harmony MEM COACHING

Living with inner Harmony MEM COACHING

I am a Reader and a Psychic Medium I connect with Spirit and passed on loving messages. Bringing peace, comfort, and healing to those wanted to hear from their loved-ones and what is happening in their life at this moment.

My connection and compassion to my readings are of the heights truth and integrity

All my session are held in a space of complete love and non-judgement to assist in the healing process.  …

Photo of Marraweeny Olives

Marraweeny Olives

Organic, Unirrigated, Locally Grown
Marraweeny Olives is a small organic olive grove of about 1,000 trees, grown, picked and pruned by Dijana Cane and family.

Situated high in the picturesque Strathbogie Ranges, our olive trees benefit from a cool climate.  We grow several olive varieties;  Frantoio and Picual trees produce a well-balanced oil with a touch of pepper; while Manzanillo, Kalamata and Frantoio trees produce table olives with an excellent texture and fully developed flavour.…

Photo of Maurice Katting

Maurice Katting

As an artist and a healer I combine two mediums that I love to work with and express myself through.

My fibre art is an expression of healing, whether these pieces are used for aesthetic decoration, meditation, contemplation or an aspect of your sacred space.

Healing is the profession I’ve grown through in the last ten years, clearing blocks in my clients energetic fields and helping them to realign their energy centres.

Photo of Michelle Innes

Michelle Innes

I am Michelle Innes, Creative director of Twisted by Mish and Founding Member at The Spiritual Co-op.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, grew up in Canberra and am now feeling at home on the South Coast. I am mother to two sons and three daughters, and Oma to one granddaughter. My path…well it’s twisted of course!…

Photo of Moore Designs

Moore Designs

Moore Designs is a small country based business nestled in the foothills of South Australia’s picturesque Flinders Ranges. Run by a passionate, creative woodworker with a fine eye for detail and a flair for beautifully executed pieces, Moore Designs has created a large portfolio of stunning works.

Started in 2013 Moore Designs has grown from a tiny business with a small clientele to now having pieces adorning many homes around the world and a waiting list of clients wanting custom pieces of their own.

Photo of Mrs Pin

Mrs Pin

Mrs Pin is a lover of all things handmade. She also has a penchant for the vintage era. Her earrings are handcrafted with the age-old technique of needle tatting. The process is rather meditative beginning with hand-drawing the design/pattern followed by beading and tatting to create the earrings you see.

Mrs Pin wears many hats. She is a mother to 2 bright young children and is an advocate for conscious parenting and supporting women through matrescence. She is still learning to be the conscious parent and is still going through matrescence. She is also passionate about nutritional and environmental medicine and its impact on our health as well as on our children’s wellbeing.

Photo of Mystical Moons

Mystical Moons

Biographical Info Mystical Moons creates one of the kind hand crafted Altar Tools and Jewellery.

Let my introduce myself I’m 36 years old woman of the Moon, and since I can remember, I have had a very strong connection with nature and the allies that hide within. I have lived most my life in the beautiful Yarra valley, in Victoria.…

Photo of Naomi Judge

Naomi Judge

Naomi is a Naturopath with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. She’s also a nutritionist, blogger, and author, with her own Sydney-based business. Naomi is known in Australia for her expertise in supporting women who are frustrated, fed up and struggling with unresolved hormonal health problems. Naomi helps these women connect the dots between their health, happiness and hormones.…

Photo of Phoenix Candles and Reiki

Phoenix Candles and Reiki

Phoenix Candles was born from my own desire to combine aroma therapy, crystal healing, reiki and other alternate therapies into an item that could be used functionally, gifted to loved ones without the worry of judgement and enjoyed by everyone. Initially candles were in upcycled crystal and glass, which is still an important core product. Bringing preloved crystal back to the heart of the family for functional enjoyment.…

Photo of Phoenix Gateway

Phoenix Gateway

I am Emily Kisvarda, an integrated healer, author,researcher, alchemist, teacher and lifelong student of all things energy.  I assist others to align with energetic frequencies that empower them to create change on all levels of their being. I have learnt how to work with universal energy of both the seen and unseen to assist the release of old and outdated belief systems .…

Photo of Raywyn’s Hearth

Raywyn’s Hearth

Welcome to my Hearth.
I am a BoneWoman and Wood Artist.
Specialising in hand-hewn, powerful Talismans and HouseBlessings of salvaged specialty timbers and stones.
I am a BoneWoman .. specialising in Bone Readings, Landvættir Work & Oracle cards.

Photo of Reality Healing

Reality Healing

Doris is a teacher, mentor, healer and guide for evolving humans. Her role is to hold a greater vision for our Earth whilst awakening individuals and groups to the power that lies with each and every one of us so we can collectively move towards greater freedom and love. Doris has been taught directly by many spirit guides.…

Photo of Seed of the Soul: Transformational Soul Journey

Seed of the Soul: Transformational Soul Journey

Tour Experience

Through the connection of sacred sites around the world, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a universal blueprint that defines the substance of our very existence and it forms the building blocks of all creation.

Each tour,  will provide you with an experience working with these sacred energies that are only found at particular power sites.…

Photo of Sew Rainey Sew

Sew Rainey Sew

I love quantum physics, sacred geometry, vibration, frequency, the divine feminine, goddess, healing circles, ancient civilisations, crystals (especially skulls),  kriya yoga, tuning into nature, creating, textiles, painting, stitching, channelling through art, textile and spirit guide drawings.

Photo of Solfeggio chime shop

Solfeggio chime shop

I am Gary Martin, a metal craftsman by trade for over 30yrs now working for myself in a small home business called Solfeggio chime shop where i make tools for energy healing,relaxation and meditation. I created a set of chimes tuned to the solfeggio frequencies which can be used for personal/group sound and vibration therapies which i call the
“Solfeggio Sound Shower”.…

Photo of Soul Magic Collective

Soul Magic Collective

Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman and Light Language channel from Sydney.  He works with groups and also individuals.  He has formal training in cellular biology and somatic psychotherapy and has been working in the field of transformational healing for over 10 years. Michael works directly with this collective of energies to provide clients with DNA codes and keys for their personal Light-body activation.…

Photo of Sydney Gay Meditation Group

Sydney Gay Meditation Group

‘Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love’ (Lao Tzu) We started from humble beginnings with a few gay friends who simply wanted to meditate in a space that was free from religious acceptance and prescribed teachings. Today we have built an annual meditation program where ‘no two meditations are the same’, that’s literally 52 different meditations all presented weekly and guided live to a Group of over 45-55 participants.…

Photo of Teapot Teas

Teapot Teas

Teapot Teas

Hand Crafted with love and therapeutically blended for taste, Teapot Teas is a purveyor  of premium range of organic herbal teas made in Sydney, Australia.

   The ingredients in our loose leaf teas have been carefully selected for their therapeutic properties and full bodied flavour. Each organic herbal infusion brews a menagerie of colours and aromas to enchant the senses, heal the body, soothe the mind and nurture the soul.…

Photo of The Cacao Club

The Cacao Club

Cacao has been used for thousands of years to facilitate deep and profound healing journeys. The active ingredients in Cacao help to relax the nervous system as well as the busy ‘thinking mind’, enabling the drinker to access the deeper layers of consciousness that often go unnoticed or neglected.

It is our ambition to provide our community with tools and treats to encourage connection, growth and authenticity.

We aim to support you on your journey of healing and evolution with nourishment for not only your physical body but for your spirit.

Photo of The Creative Goddess

The Creative Goddess

I founded The Creative Goddess about three years ago and it has been such an amazing journey so far.

Photo of Treasures That Inspire

Treasures That Inspire

I am Bernie, a Spiritual Medium who will take you on a soul journey of transformational healing, aimed towards self mastery.

With 40+ years of transcending time and space, Bernie uses her connection with the spirit world, combined with her ability to intuitively investigate your past lives & your past experiences, Bernie then connects the dots, opening up opportunities fir transformation through quantum healing.…

Photo of Twisted by Mish

Twisted by Mish

Michelle began her wire craft and jewellery making journey in early 2016 as a means of coping and self-healing following the miscarriage of her youngest child.

She had some tumbled stones that she wished to be able to wear and found great a comfort in the vibrational essences of the crystal. The process of creating something that had such emotional benefit was comforting to her soul. …

Photo of Ulna Skullsworthy

Ulna Skullsworthy

I should like to think that the beautiful crystal and gemstone jewellery that I create, could bring joy and enchantment into your everyday life. That the pieces I produce may also increase awareness of the natural energies of the environment that surrounds us and our innate connection to the cosmos, would also be a very happy bonus.…

Photo of Wendy’s Lifted Up by Angels

Wendy’s Lifted Up by Angels

This chapter of my story started around six years ago. Diving headfirst into all things crystal as well as mentoring and teaching spirituality with a modern twist. ​Over time, I have built up my business to have many facets to allow myself to help others in a variety of ways as my passion is to facilitate the opportunities for others to live a fulfilling and happy spiritual life.…

Photo of Woodstock Dreamers Botanical Brews

Woodstock Dreamers Botanical Brews

Born and raised in Milton, I make Earthy magical self care potions and tools from our home  studio  on 10 acres in the beautiful rural area of Milton called …Woodstock !

Brewed with love and intent using organic ingredients, natural butters , essential oils and local beeswax infused with reiki, botanicals and crystals .

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