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I have been a member of the Spiritual Co-op for a few months now. It’s a community that shares, supports, encourages and is growing. I am new to sharing my products or services online and have been hesitant to put myself out there. The spiritual coop is a very nurturing group that supports, guides people like myself, who are a little shy on the marketing side of things to share in an online virtual market. As a result of the encouragement, guidance on themes etc., I have had a very successful experience in sharing my intuitive art, making connections and sales all with encouragement on the sidelines. I have found it such a surprise and have immense gratitude for the community platform as a place to share with like-minded people. I myself have purchased from a few stallholders also and have found them all to be so personable, have quality products and services and the transaction/delivery have all taken place with ease. If you are a stallholder, then I recommend this platform for helping grow your business and making connections and also being involved in a community who is so supportive of each individual. I am grateful for being a part of this group/community and for being able to share a lot more of my artwork out to people who resonate and connect with it.

Siobhàn Murray|Brigid’s Cloak

EarthClan Designs has been part of The Spiritual Co-op Group for some time now. Our experience has been that it is a friendly supportive environment. The variety of stallholders is fantastic and as the group grows so will the market. What makes the virtual market so special is that they have themes every week, which gives stallholders a challenge, and a different perspective. Other members of the group are drawn into the messages conveyed through the themes. We have had a very positive experience as part of the Spiritual co-op Group.

Elmarie Ford|EarthClan Designs

Having been invited to join this fantastic group, I have to say I have met an amazing array of incredible artists who share the same passion as I for their crafts. I love the diversity within the group and the space it has given us all to have a voice, to share our wares and grow our businesses. Personally I have seen an increase in traffic and sales to my page, connecting me with new people that present me with different and exciting challenges to create the perfect piece for them. I’m looking forward to my continued participation and the growth of all involved as this group expands and welcomes in more members. Stephen Moore|Moore Designs

Twisted by Mish Review

Michelle creates beautiful high vibe jewellery and offerings. She is passionate about her craft and has a wonderful knowledge of crystals and metaphysics. She is also a bright, beautiful and caring soul. I adore my purchases and will be adding more to my collection. Wishing you abundance in Life, Love, Health and Business sweetheart. 💜

Siobhán Murray

Bianca de Reus Review

“Thanks so much for an amazing experience, your workshop opened my eyes to an avenue of spirituality that I had not considered. It has impacted my everyday life and I think of things I learned with you everyday. I have started to use the information and skills I learned already. I find myself talking to my animals more, telling them what is happening and going to happen. With the wildlife rescue, I have been just sending each one love and reassurance. I find that this helps visibly calm them down. During the course an after it, I have been able to tell what an animal has previously experienced a lot easier than other things. I look forward to growing and learning about this and other messages I receive from animals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for extending your knowledge out so myself and others can learn.”

Nikki Hunter

Andrew Yeo Review

I recently had the privilege of attending and sharing Andrew’s Tea Leaf Reading Course in Canberra.  It certainly was not what I was expecting.  It was so much more. Andrew’s amazing knowledge of the “ingredients” (yes, the blends) that he places together for the many different teas surpasses most of our understandings. He researches how the compatibility of each “ingredient” blends together and the effect it has on the human body; both physical and etheric.

“Geisha Girl” (for me to do with past-life experiences for myself and clients) and “Are You Listening To Me” (well I think that speaks for itself) are just a couple of  the Teapot teas that I am using.  I love the names that Andrew has given to his teas.

The range of Teapot teas are exceptional and… there are cards for readings and helping one explore what these amazing teas are all about.

One of the things that impressed me is the process that Andrew does when he prepares his mixtures for his teas.  Very Soulful and Spiritual – these are the only herbal teas that I will be bringing into my kitchen, lounge room and anywhere else I decide to have a Teapot tea.

The way I look at a “cuppa” will never be the same again; the steam flow, the placement of the residue, how it sits on the saucer and in the cup and so much more.

I highly recommend that YOU attend Andrew’s workshops and support him in bringing forward a spiritual aspect to teas and tea leaf readings. I know I do.

Gaye Piper, Canberra

Teapot Teas Review

I met Andrew & was introduced to his healing tea a couple of years ago at a fair in Canberra.

Since then it has become a ritual for me to enjoy a variety of Tea Pot Teas every day.

I love that these teas are blended with Andrews wisdom of herbs & with the intention of healing.

I now incorporate these amazing teas into my High Tea with Tarot events & it’s been my experience that everyone enjoys sampling them.

Last week I attended Andrews workshop for Herbal Tea Leaf Reading.

It was a wonderful day made more enjoyable by Andrews  authenticity, delightful personality & Sense of humor.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I learnt about the teas & how to read them.

We were also introduced to his cards & shown how to incorporate them into a reading.

I’m happy to say I have since been practicing my readings with very positive results.

Thank you Andrew for all you bring to this world.

Many Blessings Vicki Lyons

Moore Designs Review

All works are exquisite, unique and made with love, attention to detail, and immaculate craftsmanship. Always fast and friendly service. You will not be disappointed. I can not praise Moore’s design highly enough. I am both privileged and honoured to own several pieces from tea light holders, to a wall mounted shelf. Stephen is so easy to work with and really listens when comes to one of a kind pieces. I’m blown away and my expectations are always exceeded ten fold when my beauties arrive. If you are looking for something unique and special look no further.

Jenny Reynolds

Bianca de Reus Review

“Bianca has been my mentor for nearly two years now and I must say meeting her and attending her mentoring sessions has quite literally changed my life. ​ Her approach in helping me to truly connect with my inner self in order to find out who I really am and why I am here in this world, has allowed me to create something meaningful and extremely fulfilling. ​ ​Bianca’s ongoing support and years of experience as a mentor encourages me to find strategies to overcome challenges while building my own business. ​ ​You can feel Bianca’s strong purpose while working with her, which makes her a person I look up to and a truly inspiring soul being.”

Luisa Rullkotter

Siobhàn Murray Review

“Absolutely adore Siobhan’s art and candies. Her work is evocative, raw and divine. I love the spirit, humour and heart-centred approach she brings to all of her creative offerings. Such a blessing to the world”

Marion Hutton